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When did the resort open and where can I see the inside pictures?

Grand Maison welcomed it's first guests in June 2021. Images of the newly renovated resort can be seen under the gallery section. Jolie Maison will debut in June 2022


Can you accommodate extra guests?

Unfortunately, we cant. We would like you to enjoy our resort without overcrowding it.  Please do not bring more than the max overnight guests (13 in Grand Maison and 8 in Jolie Maison)







Can I have day guests over to enjoy the resort?

Unfortunately, you cant. We would like you to enjoy our resort without overcrowding it.  

Can I bring my pets?

We do not allow any type of pets in our chalet.

Can I book a single room?

Chalet Paradise is a micro resort meant for single/ multi-family vacation. Our guests have to book the entire chalet under one guest name.

Is smoking allowed on the property?

Chalet Paradise maintains high standards of cleanliness. Smoking inside the chalet or the indoor recreational area is strictly prohibited and incurs a minimum clean up charge of CAD 500 per stay. However, we have provided "Butt Stations" around the property. Please make sure not to litter the property with butts.

I want to arrange an outdoor event at the chalet. Can I do it?

Please contact our manager to arrange outdoor events. Additional charges apply. Please do note that we do not allow any events to be held past 9:00 pm in our grounds.

Are bedsheets included in booking and how often are the towels changed?

Yes, the chalet come with limited supply of bedsheets and towels. 


What are the COVID 19 cleaning protocols and charges?

The chalet is vapour sanitized between change over of guests using the latest misting machines as used by leading 5-star resorts. All linen is washed in hot water and bleached to kill any germs and sanitize them.








Do you provide daily housekeeping?

Additional daily housekeeping is provided for $ 150 per day.

Do you provide bathroom and sanitary supplies?

Toilet rolls are provided and available from our self-help racks in the supply storage area. If you do need to bring your own supplies, please make sure to bring "Cottage Septic" friendly toilet supplies. We do not provide any other hygiene product for your needs. Do not flush any kitchen paper towels down the toilet as this will clog up the sewage tank. Please do not wash food garbage down the kitchen sink as this will also clog up our sewage.

Is the parking lot guarded?

The chalet parking lot is not easily accessible by people from outside the compound. However, it is not guarded. We do have property surveillance cameras that record incoming and outgoing people for your safety.

Is it possible to enter a room prior to check-in (4 p.m.)?

If the chalet is unoccupied, we may approve earlier entrance.

What are the cancellation charges?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:
- Our cancellation policy is based on the short term rental booking platfrom that you book through.

Can I bring my boat/ Jet Ski and where do I launch it?

We encourage you to bring your own watercraft and pleasure crafts. however, we do not allow docking on our property as we have water weed mats installed to provide a stellar swimming experience. Boats and skis often rip or blow them resulting in costly repairs. The public boat launch and marina is 10 minutes away (Oak Shores Marina).

Can I fuel up at the chalet docks?

We do not allow any type of fueling at our docks, This is a serious liability issue and spillage costs could be as high as $10000. Incase we do find our guest fueling up at our docks (which is monitored by close circuit cameras for your safety) we reserve the right to levy additional charges as required.

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